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by Nixon
09 Aug 2011, 20:34
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Topic: London's Burning
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London's Burning

Wut 'bout Bristol? Earlier this morninig I've heard that bored twats are also doing party there. I'm asking 'cause my mum is in Swansea and will need to go to Bristol to get to airport, it's next Wednesday so hope everything will calm down but you know. Bristol went up last night. Looting in the Ci...
by Nixon
25 Nov 2010, 20:16
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Topic: RIP Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle)
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Sadly missed.
by Nixon
23 Oct 2010, 16:20
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Topic: RIP Arri Up
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R.I.P. Sadly missed.
by Nixon
05 Oct 2010, 14:52
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Topic: WANTED: Sisters Zippo Lighter
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It's all in foreignese :D German to English translation You are bidding on an original, used Zippo engraved with theme / logo of the Goth band "The Sisters of Mercy". The petrol tank is still new and unused. Feuerstein possibly removed. The Zippo was it only the beginning of the 90 Sisters Fanclub ...
by Nixon
22 Jun 2010, 12:34
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Topic: RIP Frank Sidebottom
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R.I.P. sadly missed.
by Nixon
11 Jun 2010, 21:23
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Topic: the gun club - advice req'd
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Miami, followed by The Las Vegas Story.
by Nixon
30 Dec 2009, 18:02
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Topic: Rowland S. Howard Dead at 50
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by Nixon
17 Nov 2009, 12:59
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Topic: The Equalizer RIP
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Sadly missed he was excellent in the film The Wicker Man, one of the best British horror films of the 1970s
by Nixon
04 Nov 2009, 20:29
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Topic: Now don't laugh but
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I've had this before and it does hurt!!! The doc told me to drink lots of water and use anti-inflammatories like neurofen.
by Nixon
15 Sep 2009, 13:35
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Topic: RIP Keith Floyd
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A great shame, according to his obituary in the paper today :- "On one occasion he gleefully recalled serving a serially ungrateful diner a carefully cooked beer mat disguised as a breaded escalope of veal. The man ate it without comment but criticised the topping on his crème brûlée. "
by Nixon
25 Jun 2009, 18:59
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Topic: The Orb's Andy Hughes passed away...
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James Blast wrote:all of the good ones are pegging it Sky Saxon and for those of a certain age, SWells
Agree, the Seeds were an excellent band, and Seething Wells was hilariously provocative. They will be missed
by Nixon
31 Mar 2009, 17:35
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Topic: Thus Spoke Eldritch
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Thus Spoke Eldritch

Spigel wrote:I'm sure it will be out sometime in the new year :innocent:

Which new year - 2020? :lol: :lol:
by Nixon
06 Mar 2009, 13:00
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Topic: BNP opens mouth, inserts foot. Again.
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BNP opens it's mouth

markfiend wrote::lol:

If the BNP really are a "master race" or "Homo superior" you've got to feel for whoever it is that they're superior to.
I am sorry but I do find it hard to feel for a minor strain of amoebic dysentry. :lol:
by Nixon
05 Feb 2009, 15:36
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Topic: Lux Interior Dead.
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R.I.P. Lux will be sadly missed. I loved the first few Cramps albums. A brilliant band, and a sad loss to music.
by Nixon
06 Jan 2009, 17:26
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Topic: Ron Asheton R.I.P.
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Ron Asheton R.I.P.

Bad news. Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton apparently suffered a heart attack and died at his home today. He will be missed :( :(
by Nixon
04 Jun 2008, 18:22
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Topic: R.I.P. Bo Diddley
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R.I.P. He was one of the best.
by Nixon
05 May 2008, 19:47
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Topic: Londoners say Yes to BORIS!
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it is said the Queen has come to love the Commonwealth, partly because it supplies her with regular cheering crowds of flag-waving piccaninnies (Describing Tony Blair's visit to the Congo:) Also from Wikipedia:- At an Evening Standard debate on January 21, 2008, Johnson apologised for these remarks,...
by Nixon
20 Apr 2008, 16:58
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Topic: I'm going to be a mummy!
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by Nixon
03 Apr 2008, 20:15
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Topic: swearing
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by Nixon
06 Mar 2008, 20:19
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Topic: Turning Japanese
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Free Booze???? That's it, I'm emigrating!
by Nixon
06 Mar 2008, 20:16
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Topic: Rant post - talking at gigs
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Rant POst - talking at gigs.

The one thing that really irritates me is not the talking, but the twit that puts two fingers in his mouth and then lets out an ear-splitting whistle. They are the real pain :evil: :evil: :evil:
by Nixon
21 Jan 2008, 17:55
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Topic: Happy Birthday Badlander
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Happy belated Birthday wishes hope you had a good one
by Nixon
21 Jan 2008, 17:52
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Topic: Happy Birthday Erudite!
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Happy belated Birthday wishes
by Nixon
21 Jan 2008, 17:51
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Topic: And Happy Birthday lazarus corporation
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Happy Birthday. Have a great day