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by AmericanDream
28 Oct 2019, 04:12
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: Andrew Eldritch vs. Television: a Thirty-Years War
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Andrew Eldritch vs. Television: a Thirty-Years War

Whatever his private feelings, Eldritch first made his views on the medium of television known in 1983 on Valentine, where the lyric, "cuts men down on television," plays up the notion of TV as a negative influence on a people ready to stand in line to eat one another and die. I wasn't around, I dun...
by AmericanDream
28 Oct 2019, 03:54
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: The Sisters and politics today
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I was a bit nervous when I saw that pic of someone who looked disturbingly like him with Tommy Robinson, but in recent interviews he has at least expressed outrage at Donald Trump's bigotry and reaffirmed the Sisters' status as a left-wing band. I actually find it not surprising at all that Eldritch...
by AmericanDream
23 Oct 2019, 01:31
Forum: Reviews and Interviews
Topic: More of the Australasian phone interviews ...
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To think I've loved this band for years and never known that Von has a sister. Damn, guy really does keep things close to the chest.
by AmericanDream
03 Mar 2019, 18:45
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Topic: How do you modify drum machines like The Sisters?
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I think the drums on Floodland are using gated reverb, a specific type of reverb that was really popular in the 80's (it's the effect Prince used to make his Linn LM1 sound so bombastic). There are also other effects placed on the drums at different times. John Ashton says here:
by AmericanDream
08 Dec 2015, 21:04
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Topic: Von's New Year's Resolutions
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stufarq wrote:
Bartek wrote:
stufarq wrote:Haven't been sued for a while. Ben or Chris, Chris or Ben...?
Nurse? Merch guy?
Granny? The cat? The poodle?
I can't imagine there'd be much benefit in suing his grandmother. She can't be worth all that much if he only got fifteen cents from selling his mother.
by AmericanDream
08 Dec 2015, 20:59
Forum: Lyrics
Topic: Interpretation of Some Kind of Stranger.
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It's just occurred to me that SKOS is a long and beautiful way of saying, "f**k the pain away."
by AmericanDream
22 Sep 2015, 08:27
Forum: Lyrics
Topic: Afterhours
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To address the question of what incident may have occurred to inspire Vonald McDonald to write the song, in an interview around Floodland time he mentioned having done methedrine in NY at about the time the incident in NY mentioned above was to take place. From what he described, it sounds like an e...
by AmericanDream
29 Aug 2015, 06:23
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: Police Car
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Given that all I've heard about in the news the past year is police brutality, I thought it was pretty funny.
by AmericanDream
11 Feb 2015, 07:57
Forum: Lyrics
Topic: Ribbons
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"Sex and violence and intelligence all rolled into one - a perverse and wonderfully lethal cocktail." -Quote from Eldo about Ribbons in an old interview I read the other day ("Excess All Areas"). He says some other stuff about the Ribbons lyrics in that interview if you wanna check it out. Also I'm ...
by AmericanDream
04 Feb 2015, 01:26
Forum: Lyrics
Topic: war on drugs
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I know this thread is like fifty years old but I've been listening to this song a lot lately and figured I'd throw in my two cents. I agree with Blackrose above about the Agent Orange reference. I think he's simultaneously playing the part of someone watching the war while loaded and playing the par...