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by Sarlscharisma
06 Jun 2020, 12:42
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: Last show with a real bass?
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Apart from 2-3 songs on Floodland and Romeo the SoM have not done a decent baseline after Craig Adams. Earlier Sisters material always had a great driving baseline. Eldritch doesn’t seem to have much time for bass unlike some of his contemporaries aka Joy Division/New Order, Cure, Bauhaus, Banshee...
by Sarlscharisma
02 May 2020, 11:20
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: Sisters live sound
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Two of the biggest disappointments in all my years watching bands was seeing Bob Dylan live...A legend but live absolutely woeful. Second major disappointment was seeing the SOM live in Leeds a few years ago. So many songs driven by amazing bass lines, so when I heard a sorry excuse for the sound of...