Heartland "FORUM THING" T-shirt


Heartland "FORUM THING" T-shirt - front Ahhh, the Heartland t-shirt... What more can we say about it? Spotted on the backs of an assortment of punters at various nightclubs and gigs around the globe, its the definition of style and the last word in geek-chic.

The first print run sold so well we decided to make more, so now you too can let everyone know how proud you are about spending too much time on an internet message board, dedicated to an aging g**h band...

Heartland "FORUM THING" T-shirt - back Prices: (including P&P)
£12.00 for delivery within the UK
£13.00 for delivery within Europe
£14.00 for delivery to anywhere else

To order your limited edition Heartland t-shirt just follow the 3 simple steps below:



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