Forum Thing T-shirt

Heartland FORUM THING T-shirt

Heartland FORUM THING T-shirt back in stock!!


Ahhh, the Heartland t-shirt... What more can we say about it? Spotted on the backs of an assortment of punters at various nightclubs and gigs around the globe, it's the definition of style and the last word in geek-chic.


After a couple of very successful print runs, it's been unavailable for quite a while!


But no more!


We've decided to bring it back, albeit with some slight modifications, so now you too can let everyone know how proud you are about spending too much time on an internet message board, dedicated to an ageing g**h band, whilst raising some money for a great homeless charity...


Prices: (including P&P)
£17.00 for delivery within the UK
£20.00 for delivery within Europe
£23.00 for delivery to anywhere else


To order your limited edition Heartland t-shirt just follow the 3 simple steps below:


Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


Manchester St. Pauli Orders will be handled by our friends Manchester St. Pauli, and proceeds from sales will go to Homeless Aid UK.

» If you have any questions about the shirt, feel free to drop an email.