Happy Birthday Boodika

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Some of the nonsense contained herein may be very loosely related to The Sisters of Mercy, but I wouldn't bet your PayPal account on it. In keeping with the internet's general theme nothing written here should be taken as Gospel: over three quarters of it is utter gibberish, and most of the forum's denizens haven't spoken to another human being face-to-face for decades. Don't worry your pretty little heads about it. Above all else, remember this: You don't have to stay forever. I will understand.
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Andrew S
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Sorry - I mean Boadisea :innocent: :)

Have a great one Claire :notworthy: See you on Saturday!
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Road Kill
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Happy Bearthday!
May your day be filled with bears.
"Since my earliest childhood a barb of sorrow has lodged in my heart. As long as it stays I am ironic
-- if it is pulled out I shall die."
Underneath the Rock
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all the best to our Queen. We are definitely not worthy to kiss your hands.
:kiss: :notworthy:
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Happy day penguin lady.

x :kiss: x :kiss:
Just like the old days

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splintered thing
Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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Have a splendid day - it's all yours!
(you always have such eloquent posts, lovely to have you here) :)
as the day is long,
rain from heaven
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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Happy Birthday :D
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Have a happy one!
After wishing you well has worked quite well in the past here's more wishes for the best in the future! ;D
Get yourself a good suspension for the pottholes under way. :wink:
Rock on! 8)
There is shadow under this red rock
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Slight Overbomber
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Above the Chemist
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Happy birthday wee Claire! :notworthy:

Trigonometry. It's a sin.
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Doobie Brother
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Have a guid yin poshburd 8) :kiss:
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Slight Overbomber
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Have a great one, Claire! :D
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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Happy Birthday Claire!
I am a Leeds United fan because I was very naughty in a previous life.
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goriller of form 3b
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Happy Bithday 8)
advanced, forthright, signifficant
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From the Lowlands
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HBD! 8)
"as we walk on the floodland"
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Izzy HaveMercy
The Worlds Greatest Living Belgian
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Happy bird-day, Claire. To the Hat also ;)

For Greater Good - Ambient Music for the Masses...
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Slight Overbomber
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Happy Birthday!
Nationalise the f**king lot.
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Sister Midnight
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Aw shucks. You're all too kind :kiss: :notworthy:

There's gonna be a little knees-up this Saturday to celebrate quarter of a century of me ;D :P So this is an open invitation - if you're floating by the Glasgow area, or better still currently residing within the city boundaries (unlike me I hasten to add cos I am indeed posh), then I would be delighted to see you there.
There's a man with a mullet going mad with a mallet in Millets
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have a good one Claire :)
Another Shade of You.
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Above the Chemist
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happy birthday, sexy arse xxx
I just can't keep living on dreams no more
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James Blast
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sorry I'm late, I was washing my hairs and dancing round my room to SKIDS ellpees, anyway...

Reprazent! Sister

see what I did there?
"And when you start to think about death, you start to think about what's after it. And then you start hoping there is a God. For me, it's a frightening thought to go nowhere".
~ Peter Steele
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Hope you are having a lovely day :notworthy:

Did you get my message on Farcebook??
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Happy B-Day HighLander Queen
thanks...my Lord...i'm unbeliver
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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Happy Birthday- maybe one day you will rule Britain again :eek: :lol:
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I had a hand on the gun
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Slight Overbomber
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Bappy Hirthday! :D
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Childlike Empress
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Bappy Quarter-Century Hirthday to you, dear chica! ;D :notworthy: :kiss:
Hate has no home here. :hl:

<--the "artist" formerly known as Sinnie :lol: :wink: :oops:
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