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RIP Arri Up

Posted: 21 Oct 2010, 22:40
by Garbageman
Ari Up passed away today age 48 from a serious illness.
She had been ill for a while.

Posted: 21 Oct 2010, 23:34
by 10-E Rabid
Ahh Man, another sad loss and day. Thanks fer the heads up Garbageman. Did she still have dreads? since way back? Is that the right Slit? That sucks though, now another heroine to mourn.

Posted: 22 Oct 2010, 11:10
by Silence is platinum
Indeed a great loss.

Posted: 23 Oct 2010, 11:14
by radiojamaica
RiP Ari :notworthy:

Posted: 23 Oct 2010, 16:20
by Nixon
R.I.P. Sadly missed.

Posted: 27 Oct 2010, 12:17
by boudicca
Wow, can't believe this thread didn't get more replies. Woman was a legend. RIP indeed :notworthy:

Posted: 27 Oct 2010, 17:53
by Obviousman

Was she still in the band last summer/spring? If so, I have to say I was mighty underwhelmed by their gig. But, nevertheless, RIP.