Happy B-day Claire!

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Izzy HaveMercy
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... and to The Hat as well of course! :kiss:

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Underneath the Rock
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All the best Big Wummin' :notworthy:
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From the Lowlands
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Congrats! :D
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goriller of form 3b
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Have a good 'un lass :kiss:
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Have a blinder of a day Claire.
Arra best.


ps. Has Timothy nicked your furry hat? :innocent:
Just like the old days

Slight Overbomber
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Cheers Doll.
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A very happy birthday, Claire! :kiss:
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Quiff Boy
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have a fab one 8)
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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happy birthday..
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Slight Overbomber
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I trust you trust in me to mistrust you
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The Don
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Happy birthday wherever you are. :P
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Big Si
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Now don't forget to put a treble Vodka in yer Irn Bru :wink:
Wyrd bið ful aræd...

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Gonzoid Amphetamine Filth
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H B D 2 U M I S S

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Above the Chemist
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Happy birthday wee lady. :notworthy:
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James Blast
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A very happy bidet Lil' Missy wherever you are!

Goodnight Austin Texas
Unkle Jam~es xXx
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Andrew S
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Have you opened the card yet?

Have a great day Claire :notworthy:
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Slight Overbomber
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Happy birthday! :D
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Carpathian Psychonaut
Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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Have a ridiculously good day....or a spend a good day being ridiculous!

We will get to speak one day, honestly - we've got as far as standing right next to each other at a gig without realising so there's a chance yet! :lol: ;D

Have a top one.
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Have a most appi burfdi

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Congrats ;-)
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have a good one :D
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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Happy Birthday Claire! :D
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Outside the Simian Flock
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Have it more than large 8)
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Above the Chemist
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Have a nice day! ... :D ...
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