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Hi there!

I'm training to be an actor at a drama school in London, (from a working class background before we start THAT debate), looking to raise funds to continue his training. The course trains me in Film/ TV/Stage/Radio and has been great to study and hugely enjoyable as part of my journey to being a professional actor.

I currently work as a Healthcare Assistant in a private hospital 12-18 hours a weekend while studying Mon-Fri and work 44-50 hours a week in the holidays which mostly goes on my rent so there is nothing for fees. I cannot get a loan as this is a postgraduate course. I have written to several business's, famous actors but have not had a positive response. For those of you who own/are part of a business I also offer workshops on public speaking, team building, confidence or promotion (recording radio adverts/photo shoots) for a donation.

Any donation however small will be extremely useful and gratefully received. Help me show the world that Goths can act ;)


Thank you
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I wish I could help financially. My brother is am independent theatre director, putting on plays in his spare time; I know how hard it can be. I'm only sorry that I have nothing to offer other than encouragement.
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