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A spell book of Voodoo (African witchcraft) and Hoodoo (Afro-American Deep South witchcraft) has been written by a British witch, Doktor Snake, who claims his nefarious teachings can bring success to musicians willling to sell their soul to the devil in exchange for fame and hit songs.

Doktor Snake claims at least five of the world's biggest rock stars visited him in the 1990s before they hit the big time.

Doktor Snake's spell book is available from for anyone ready to trade their soul for something more Rock and less Religious, and his website has a Roll of Honour in which Marilyn Manson and author Hunter S. Thompson are cited as just some of his satisfied customers.

Manson presumably got the idea of ditching his soul from Robert Johnson, the 1930s bluesman from America's Deep South who struck up a friendship with a Hoodoo priest who said Johnson could sell his soul to gain fame if he visited a crossroads at midnight with a guitar.

This "crossroads" ritual is one of the main practices of Voodoo/Hoodoo. Doktor Snake lists the do-it-yourself details (makes for an interesting read, actually!) on his website here:

It seems struggling musicians will never need to scratch their head searching for hit songs or publicity gimmicks again! :twisted:
.... there is no semblance of rock 'n roll around here!
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Can I work spells on old boyfriends with this? I have one I want to prick with pins and needles till his hair falls out and he goes utterly bald.
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Black Planet wrote:Can I work spells on old boyfriends with this? I have one I want to prick with pins and needles till his hair falls out and he goes utterly bald.
@ BP - you dont need a book to make a guy BALD - all you need do is get him to injest to vast amounts of Alcohol and smoke many many Cigarettes ;-) - what with both substances being classed as a poison which cause a mans hair to fall out!

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