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This is an unusual yet completely true story told to me by one BlaQQ_Jakk....

One day a guy enters a deserted cafe after the lunch hour rush. "How much is a cup of coffee?", he asks.

The waiter replies, "Three dollars."

The customer says, "I'll have one" and walks to the far end of the counter and places a dollar down. He then walks up to the other end of the counter and puts another dollar down. He then walks back to where the waiter is standing in the middle of the counter and puts down the third dollar.

The waiter looks at him with a perplexed expression and makes the coffee after walking back and forth to collect the money.

The customer drinks the coffee without saying a word and then leaves.

The next morning the waiter mentions the odd incident to his regular customers.

Then after lunch, with the cafe deserted again, the unusual customer comes in and orders coffee, again placing a dollar at each end of the counter and another dollar in the centre.

The waiter shoots an irritated look at the peculiar customer and begrudgingly makes the coffee after picking up the money.

The following morning the waiter again tells his regulars of the weird coffee drinker, hoping out loud that he won't return.

But, sure enough, after lunch and with the cafe empty, the customer walks in and orders coffee.

Much to the waiter's surprise, the customer pays with a five dollar note, handing it straight to him.

The customer starts to drink the coffee while the waiter, seeing an opportunity for revenge, returns the customer's change by placing a dollar at each end of the counter.

The customer, looking completely unperturbed by this, slowly downs the coffee as the waiter scrutinizes him from the corner of his eye. The customer finishes the drink and then looks at the waiter. "I'll have another coffee" he says, and puts a dollar down. :twisted:
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LOL :notworthy: :notworthy:
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Great Story - Which just happens to be true :notworthy:
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That's great.
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:eek: :eek: ;D ;D ;D

So funny....
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