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Sister Midnight
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timsinister wrote:Don't go down this path; pentagrams lead to bad make-up. Bad make-up leads to pretending to be a vampire. Pretending to be a vampire means ending up on an American talk show.
Then there's no hope, but to throw yourself on the mercy of Cleopatra.
...sounds like you speak from experience, Mr. Sinister... :innocent: :wink:
There's a man with a mullet going mad with a mallet in Millets
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James Blast
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rewinding somewhat -

Google says
Did you mean: fascism  :lol:
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The Oncoming Storm
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boudicca wrote:...sounds like you speak from experience, Mr. Sinister... :innocent: :wink:
We've all made mistakes.
Right, B?
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Izzy HaveMercy
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Find yourself ProTools LE free download, then go to KVRaudio site www.kvraudio.com and leech it...

You also need a good soundcard, a little mixing table is also nice when working with a couple of mics and instruments...

What PC do you have?

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Slight Overbomber
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Almiche V wrote: :lol: You going to see them live? I've got tix for southampton on the 1st June. Can't wait.
I wasn't, but am now checking it out. :lol:
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Dave R
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@ Bou....

drop me a PM and i will mail you a copy of Reason 3.0

damn fine software developed by the Propellor Heads....

check this out then let me know!


all the best!
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Black Biscuit
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And a growling vocal style. Those blokes have gotta be kidding.
.... there is no semblance of rock 'n roll around here!
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