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Spiggy the cat?

Posted: 27 Apr 2005, 16:26
by nick the stripper
This is a bit pointless, I know, but what happened to Vons cat Spiggy?

Posted: 27 Apr 2005, 16:34
by markfiend
I'd imagine he's gone to the great gig in the sky by now... :urff:

Posted: 27 Apr 2005, 17:17
by Dark
Was found one morning in the early 1980s on the Leeds tarmac. Not a pretty sight, I'd imagine.

Last sighting: On several Sisters ROGIs.

Posted: 23 Sep 2013, 14:51
by LyanvisAberrant
Sorry for Necro, but...
". Spiggy
is also known as Spigmata, the Spigginator,
Spiggot, Spiglet, Sprinkler"

Just thought that was needed ;)