Post your reviews of Sisters-related material or interviews with Sisters-related musicians here. And don't believe the hype: 1985 most definitely is a fashion statement.
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Late for work so rushing but...
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Amphetamine Filth
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How did they afford coming to Brasil ?
They share one bed :innocent:
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Amphetamine Filth
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the interviewer has some nice body ink
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Amphetamine Filth
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The expression on Chris's face @ 6:54 :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Music journalism at its best once again. :wink:
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I didn't know :von: likes songs of Moby like "Revolver" ;D :lol:
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Why in the world, the goddamn south american press still asking the band about a new album? For god sake, even the fans don't care about it anymore.

btw, check this out:

"receberam Dani Buarque e o Lokaos Rock Show em seu quarto de hotel e concedeu essa inédita entrevista."

Or in a rough english translation "they received Dani Buarqui and the Lokaos Rock Show in your hotel-room, and gave this new interview"

Ok, Robson, you are pretty right, they share one bed :lol:
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Nikolas Vitus Lagartija
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Thanks for posting the link. A rare interview with all three. :von: in very tolerant form again -especially when faced with the "nostalgia" question - with Ben getting typically philosophical on the "mainstream" question which refers back to an era when he was a toddler !
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Venus wrote:The expression on Chris's face @ 6:54 :lol: :lol: :lol:
it says all. :lol:
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Ha! That is hilarious, nice one Chris. Ben is just delightful, and clearly has a sense of humour. :lol:
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