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Got any interesting thoughts on a set of lyrics? Any that don't involve the word "indeed"? Find yourself struggling to decipher all those obtuse references Von makes? Read "1959 And All That" and still no clearer? Postcards found lying in a skip around the back of the Chemists can be found here... Don't say you weren't warned.
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Poor Darling. *sniff* Just as if it weren't totally natural and inevitable for all women in the world to choose him over their boyfriends. :? :lol:
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Whilst bored in the not moshpit...

Like a million voices calling...

The destruction of Alderaan appeared in my mind.

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I think it's about animal rights, vegerterian voice in defense of saving (?) lives of slaughtered animals. AE seemed to feel that all cows, pigs, sheeps, horses, chickens/hens are like to talk to him: say that aloud: stop kill animals. Or maybe it's about watermelons.
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Isn't it about not shutting the washing machine door properly, and then not being able to get through to the claims department because there are, like, a million people all calling at once?
Any more of that and we'll be round your front door with the quick-setting whitewash and the shaved monkey.
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