Prayers to a Broken Stone - Ego Project Zine

Do you do a TSOM-related website? Do you know any cool TSOM websites? Sites listed here may be about anything to do with The Sisters: lyrics, tours, photos, biographies, interviews, etc. Post your URLs along with a short description of the website here.

Note: Please post links about trading Sisters memorabilia or your personal collection in the Trading section.
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Prayers to a Broken Stone: Ego Project Fanzine

Issue 1 - including:
Andrew Eldritch on 120 Minutes-1/28/91 interview
"Ask Doctor Avalanche"
Reviews/Music - Sisters of Mercy...

Issue 2 - including:
Reviews/Music - James Ray's Gangwar, The m*****n, Sisters of Mercy...
Reviews/Gig - Sisters of Mercy at Birmingham, NEC 6/27/92

Issue 3 - including:
Interview with Andrew Eldritch, just after the WEA signing July 1984

Issue 4 - including:
Interview with Andrew Eldritch - Just prior to the release of Temple of Love - Conducted somewhere in New York
Interview with Gary Marx
Reviews/Music - Creaming Jesus "Ditch Dweller V" 12" (inc. "Temple of s**t")

Issue 5 - including:
Interview with Andrew Eldritch - Conducted by Ted Mico for Melody Maker - "After the Flood" MM 11/14/87
Reviews/Music - Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Reviews/Video - Sisters of Mercy...

and yes, not once do they refer to them as The Sisters of Mercy :roll:

lots of other goff/dodgy darkling nonsense also included - well worth a trawl through :von:
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Nice to see Gary Marx isn't bitter then!
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