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Do you do a TSOM-related website? Do you know any cool TSOM websites? Sites listed here may be about anything to do with The Sisters: lyrics, tours, photos, biographies, interviews, etc. Post your URLs along with a short description of the website here.

Note: Please post links about trading Sisters memorabilia or your personal collection in the Trading section.
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Contact: - lyrics and lyric discussion

note the inclusion of this old chestnut :roll:
by gutterslut on 04-24-2002 @ 06:45:59 PM
this song is by sister of mercy. im almost posative.... and its damn good
:lol: :roll:

some interesting discussion in amongst the chatter. bit like this place :lol: 8)
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If I could be arsed to sign up I know what comment I'd put for Valentine :innocent:
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hallucienate wrote:If I could be arsed to sign up I know what comment I'd put for Valentine :innocent:
*Jumps up and down* Me too! Me too! ;D

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in thought or in deed?
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the latter, I believe
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