"aggressive, decadent, magnetic, metallic"

THE place for your Sisters-related comments, questions and snippets of Sisters information. For those who do not know, The Sisters of Mercy are a rock'n'roll band. And a pop band. And an industrial groove machine. Or so they say. They make records. Lots of records, apparently. But not in your galaxy. They play concerts. Lots of concerts, actually. But you still cannot see them. So what's it all about, Alfie? This is one of the few tightly-moderated forums on Heartland, so please keep on-topic. All off-topic posts will either be moved or deleted. Chairman Bux is the editor and the editor's decision is final. Danke.
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"...the skeezy supervillain of the first Bond movie made after the nuclear apocalypse..."

The Onion AV Club on This Corrosion:

http://www.avclub.com/article/the-siste ... nd--201430
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Great find. 8)
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Doh, you beat me to it.
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Eldritch’s Iggy worship was undeniable, as were his subtler undertones of The Doors, Lou Reed, and the swagger of ’70s hard rock. That was lost on many.
Now this is why I like this band. :wink:
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"Dystopian . . .stentorian gravitas...brobdignagianism...ravenous baritone" - it's like reading the NME back in t'day.

My favourite phrase from it though is rather more prosaic (must be catching) : "Goth Loaf" :lol:
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Goth Loaf indeed.... must make a recipe, but surely it'd be a pie :lol: :lol:
Very good piece.
I have said before that Floodland is the closest thing I have ever come to a religious experience - and I mean it in just that sense. The choral domination and Messianic intensity of TC always made the 14 year old me feel like I was in some kind of rite, in awe and a tiny bit affraid of it's power.
Course, just when I was 14 mind.... :innocent:
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Iggy and Bowie ripping off Led Zeppelin lol, The Mish added a bit of Thin Lizzy to the mix too.
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