Floodland WEA in-house tape 1987

Unknown songs and demos, who wrote what, who sang what, the usual biographies, discography gubbins, photos of Eldritch with no sunglasses, etc, etc, etc, yadda, yadda, yadda....
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anyone know the story behind "Floodland WEA in-house tape 1987"?

driven #1
flood 1 #1
flood 2 #1
dominion/mother russia
flood 1 #2
driven #2
this corrosion
flood 2 #2
neverland (a fragment)

cant hear much difference between the tracks and the finished album versions, apart from the odd early fade out... :|
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I just saw this posted on Darkcircle. I wish someone that knew the story behind it would post about it.
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