Mini docco on The Sisters & Teh Mish

Post your reviews of Sisters-related material or interviews with Sisters-related musicians here. And don't believe the hype: 1985 most definitely is a fashion statement.
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Prolly old news & buried somewhere around here but it popped up in my google alert this morning

The Sisters Of Mercy & The Mi$$ion
Just like the old days

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something to watch over lunch. thanks.

EDIT: definitely haven't seen that before. don't recognise the programme or the girl interviewing either which is a bit odd for the era. good little feature though.
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I remember having this on one of the old bootleg tapes back in the day... but split into two parts on different tapes. There was a few seconds of overlap between the two items so I worked out they must have both been broadcast as part of the same thing.
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After Walk Away The Sisters part starts at 17:45 ...
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