Think you pay too much on ebay

Have you established a good reputation at HL and got some Sisters stuff to sell or trade with the community? Or are you searching for that elusive ultra rare live bootleg from 1988? Ever had a bad experience with a trader on Ebay? Let us all know here. Outdated threads will be purged over time.

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well you have if you have bought anything from our Greek friend "skordox" who has a very active bidder/buyer (kkmonikk) with a zero feedback rating who since 15th April has bid on 74 of his items and nobody elses.

Who can skordox and kkmonikk be I wonder!
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You only have to watch Sisters (or any fav band) auctions for a while to see shill-bidding-a-go-go. The expanded 'my ebay' for ended items is a God-send. :wink:

As a seller, 80% of the time I'll make a small (unassisted) profit. 10% of the time I'll fall of my chair with laughter and then put down a deposit on a new yacht. 10% of the time I'll end up crying and wishing I could die.

But, I now understand that eBay is a lottery, no matter how scientifically you plan your auctions. Taking that fact into account, it doesn't need wankers, as mentioned by TH, manipulating the prices.
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actually its his wife...
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Just going to prove these LPs -really- aren't worth that much. I still stand by my "£25 is the upper limit".
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Isn't it against eBay rules, not to mention illegal, to artificially inflate the price of an auction by having an accomplice bid on it?
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