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Updates on forum status, bug fixes, etc. If there's something new in here its probably a good idea that you read it.
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In case you weren't already aware, you can also follow all the fun and frolics of Heartland over on the "social web".

We have profiles on:


and Twitter

The Twitter account automatically tweets stuff from any of the Sisters-related areas of the forum every couple of hours, along with one or two manual tweets when something interesting comes up.

The Facebook group has been around for a good while (thanks to Emily Strange) but was never promoted and largely ignored. However, I've recently give it a bit of an overhaul and have shang-highed all the HL'ers I know on FB into the group. It will be a lot less structured than Twitter.

My current thinking around it is that I will use it to sign-post people to interesting topics on here, as well as letting people know if/when HL ever goes down for any reason (cheers Iz) :D

You don't have to participate in either, and the HL forum will always be the centre of our pretty-but-slightly-creaky little universe, but when not discussing whether a Sisters record from 1983 is better than one from 1985, we do like to keep in touch with the modern world. Kinda.
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