Who actually programmes/d the Doktor?

Unknown songs and demos, who wrote what, who sang what, the usual biographies, discography gubbins, photos of Eldritch with no sunglasses, etc, etc, etc, yadda, yadda, yadda....
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I guess I've always assumed it's Von's job exclusively, but listening to the re-release a couple of tracks feel a bit different, like someone else was involved. I get the sounds might be different and maybe there was a bit more time or money available, and I also appreciate this isn't the best description, but like I say it feels different to me somehow..

The tracks in question are On The Wire and Blood Money.
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I always assumed it was Andrew, what with him being the "drummer".
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Although, for live stuff, I am under the impression that Chris does a lot of the arrangements now. I am not sure why I am under that impression though.
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I'm sure it's been said here more than once that it was always Von's job. Having said that, it's also been stated that the music for FALAA was largely written and demoed without him present, and he only arrived at the end to do his stuff, so there must at least have been demo drum tracks he wasn't responsible for. Some of the Japanese mixes have different drum tracks, so perhaps some survived and some were changed when Von turned up.

Surely these days the programming would be done by the current Nurse.
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AFAIK here's been a 'bandleader' for the live arrangements including drum programming since '90, it was originally Andreas, I assume Adam and then Chris did the job..
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Nurse told me he did stuff.
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paint it black wrote:Nurse told me he did stuff.
Yes, I would think so. Especially this time one can hear it ... and it sounds good ... :D ...
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drum machines/computers these days are soooooooo far in advance of the early doktors that it really wouldnt be a nth of the hassle it used to be. tr606's thru 909's and DMX were fiddly as f**k with very little memory capacity. i should imagine von's cat could easily be responsible for programming these days.
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I attended a talk some years ago where Dave Allen spoke at length about his time with the band. He said that he programmed the drums for the album tracks.
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Maybe not the programming, but....a mate of mine said he met Dan Donovan of Big Audio Dynamite and he toured with the Sisters at some point and switched 'Doktor Avalanche' on and off.
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