Happy Birthday mh

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Happy B-Day
Where B stands for Birthday Cake, Booze and Biscuits ;D :D
Have a nice one Michael :bat:
Goths play Golf too ...
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All the best, all the time. Enjoy your day brother mh
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splintered thing
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Have a super day!
as the day is long,
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Best wishes ... :) ...
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Have a magical cake day :D
Just like the old days
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A Very Happy Birthday to you!

:D :D
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Have a good'un brother Michael
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Toppest of days to you Michael :D :notworthy:
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Have a good one, mate!
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Happy Birthday Steve ;D
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Have a happy one Michael!
Gonzoid Amphetamine Filth
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Hope you enjoyed your birthday Michael :)
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Thanking you everybody! :notworthy:
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belateds from Whizzworld (would you expect any different.. :wink: ). happy birthday Michael! 8)
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